ProMedica has partnered with an organization that has little concern for patient safety. 



April 1, 2017

One baby dead 

1 perforated bowel
1 perforated uterus

A mother of an unborn 11.5 week old came to Toledo's last abortion facility for suction aspiration abortion.  Health inspectors discovered that after the woman had an abortion, the doctor believed that he might have perforated the woman’s bowel.  The facility did not follow their own medical emergency procedure, in which they should have called 911.   Instead, they sent the patient out the back door and into an employee’s personal car. They dropped her off at the hospital, and then came right back, not ensuring that the woman was treated promptly or conveying what the emergency was and what caused it.  Ohio Department of Health issued a significant civil fine of $40,000.00 for breaking Ohio’s health and safety regulations.  


Patient Safety?

April 1, 2017: A Capital Care Network abortion business employee dangerously transports injured patient in the back seat of her private vehicle.  Pro-life activists witnessed the worker dropping the patient off at Toledo Hospital's emergency room entrance and then returning to work.




 Failure to ensure the Medical Emergencies policy was implemented as written;


Failure of staff to document and review the event


Failed to document and review all adverse events as part of its Quality Assurance program

Failed to ensure that the patient transported to the hospital was accompanied by her medical record;



Failure to provide the patient with discharge instructions upon leaving the facility.


This is the procedure the client was having done to end the life of her 11.5 week old which resulted in her being dropped off at a hospital with a perforated bowel and uterus.