Health Violations

Should ProMedica be partnered with any practice with these kinds of health violations ?

  • The staff was not trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • No TB skin test administered to staff who had direct patient contact. This put all patients and staff at risk and shows a lack of concern for the health and welfare of staff and patients
  • Clinic administrator did not maintain timed work schedules on the staff. When records were reviewed, there were notes in 8 records for staff who was not scheduled to work the day the patients were in office. When the inspector asked to see the payroll records to determine if this RN was scheduled on that day, the administrator could not produce the schedule. Two other staff members stated this RN was not scheduled on that day.
  • Facility failed to maintain a safe and sanitary environment:
    • Exam table was held together with duct tape
    • Surgical instruments not sterile.
    • No soap or paper towels at the hand washing sink in the operating room
  • Medical records not stored safely and securely
  • Failed to secure narcotics
  • No RN present in the recovery room when patients were present. This facility is gravely understaffed.
  • It was reported that the Ohio Department of Health notified the Capital Care Network abortion clinic in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio on March 5, 2013 that it could no longer perform surgical procedures. Deficiencies found during an inspection from February 2013 included allowing under-qualified staff to administer drugs and using patients’ blood without their knowledge.

Does this look like a reputable healthcare facility to you?

Tell ProMedica to rescind their transfer agreement!